As well as now cycling to work every day, Mr Matt Torrington – one of our Y4 teachers – has started the new year with a series of Teaching and Learning breakfast meetings.

This week, the series kicked off with a discussion on how ‘Pose, Pause, Pounce and Bounce‘ can be used as a strategy. Teachers considered ‘What does it mean to you?’ ‘Does it appear in your class?’ ‘How could we use it effectively?’

Mr Torrington explained, “This should be an incredibly positive time where we, as professionals, get together to share all the things that are working well with teaching. Planning, behaviour, assessment are all important and rightly deserve a lot of our time, but the art of teaching also deserves to be celebrated and championed.”

The objective of the meetings is to harness the power of the collective, and although the group may not necessarily have answers, they will at least have the signpost to where the support, ideas and inspiration can be found.

We love supporting our teachers to take the time out of their schedules to work together in this way, and will report on the successes of future meetings.

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