Children must not carry medicines with them. Any inhalers are kept in a First Aid bag and looked looked after by the class teacher. They are easy accessible and move around with the children as they move around the school

We do not administer medicines that are prescribed for 3 times a day as it is expected that this can be administered at home before school, after school and at bedtime. We are only able to administer medicines prescribed on a 4 times a day basis. (If a child needs to take medicine during the day, you are welcome to come into school and administer it.)

Under guidelines laid down by Wiltshire Council we are not allowed to administer medication without written permission from you. An adult should take the medicine to the office and fill in a Medication Consent Form.

Our office team will then be able to administer the medication (please note this is undertaken on a good will basis by staff).

The medicine will be stored in a lockable cabinet in the office and should be collected by an adult at the end of the day. We are not able to administer analgesics (aspirin, Calpol etc.) unless prescribed by your GP. First Aid Certificates are held by several members of staff who are able to administer basic medical treatment. Nominated staff also administer emergency asthma, seizure and allergy treatment.

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