David Hempleman-Adams, the world famous polar explorer, dropped in to The Mead Primary School last week to meet 240 children from schools in Trowbridge and Melksham, and talk to them about his recent Polar Ocean Challenge.

The children from The Mead, Castle Mead, River Mead, The Grove and Holt had worked really hard on making their own displays, which David loved looking at when he arrived. The children then had a talk from David about his trip on Northabout, and presented their own findings on climate change to him.

And still there was more! The children were thrilled to have a live Skype Q&A session with Ben, who is only 14 and joined the Polar Ocean Challenge as a full crew member and Youth Ambassador for Wicked Weather Watch.

We were particularly delighted to welcome BBC Wiltshire radio and the Wiltshire Times to share the morning with us. You can hear children from The Mead and the The Grove talk about the whole adventure on BBC Wiltshire radio here (from 1:47 onwards).

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