Parent Communications

Term 6

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_23 July 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Term 1 Menu Choices

WHOLE SCHOOL_Before & After School Care Booking Form

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_16 July 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_9 July 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_2 July 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_25 June 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_18 June 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_11 June 2021

Term 5

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_28 May 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_14 May 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_7 May 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_30 April 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_23 April 2021

Term 4

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_1 April 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_26 March 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_12 March 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_World Book Day_12 March 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Gathering at school gates_8 March 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_5 March 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Full Reopening_4 March 2021

TRAINING OPPORTUNITY_Find out more about becoming a Teaching Assistant

TRAINING OPPORTUNITY_Wiltshire and Family Community Learning Online Boost Courses

TRAINING OPPORTUNITY_Wiltshire and Family Community Learning March Calendar

Term 3 2020-21

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_5 February 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_29 January 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_22 January 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_15 January 2021

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_8 January 2021

Term 2 2020-21

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_4 December 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_27 November 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_20 November 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_13 November 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_6 November 2020

Term 1 2020-21

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_16 October 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_9 October 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_5 October 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_21 September 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_14 September 2020

WHOLE SCHOOL_Newsletter_4 September 2020

Email Adresses

We send all of our parent letters out via email. Please make sure we have the correct email address for you. 

You can update all of your contact information, including your email address, via SIMS Parent. 

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