Our Classes

At River Mead School all of our classes are named after animals.

The teachers arrange their year group planning alongside colleagues from all schools within The Mead Academy Trust.

Click below onto a specific class name to find out more about their curriculum for the year and to see photos of their learning environment.


Caterpillars Class


Butterflies Class

Year 1

Herons Class

Year 2

Hares Class

Year 3

Polecats Class

Year 4

Puffins Class

Year 5

Badgers Class

Year 6

Buzzards Class

Specialist Classes – Resource Base

At River Mead we are fortunate to be gifted with our Resource Base. The Resource Base is an integral part of our school and supports the inclusion for all children within the wider school community. Resource Base places are available for up to 20 pupils with complex learning needs and allocated by the Wiltshire Council SEND Panel at County Hall.

Resource Base 1

Ducklings Class

Resource Base 2

Ducks Class

Classes at River Mead School
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