The Office of the Regional Schools’ Commissioner works with school leaders to monitor the progress of schools where underperformance has been an issue in the past. The Deputy Director visited River Mead last week, and following his time at the school, wrote:

“They are doing everything they can to accelerate learning and pupil progress. This is evident in the improvement I have seen since my last visit. There is evidence of exemplary practice in KS1 and Early Years at River Mead. They have a small cohort in Y6 but have two teachers and highly skilled TA staff working in each Classroom. Their curriculum design has altered to fit the needs of the children and they have heavily invested in a maths scheme which is having a considerable impact of the children’s accelerated progress in maths and reasoning… huge efforts are made to ensure…children are ready to learn.

River Mead’s classrooms are calm places for active learning with good practice evident across the piece on my visit. There are maths, writing and reading interventions. Each child is carefully tracked and supported.”

The Deputy Director concluded his notes by saying “This is a very inclusive school striving to do their best.”

We are so pleased to celebrate this wonderful accolade of the practice here at River Mead School, and have written to all of our parents to advise them of the above. As a highly reflective school we self-evaluate our strengths and our areas for improvement and we strive to give every pupil the best possible learning experience. We have a unique school and we are very proud of it!

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