Otters Class (Nursery and Reception)

Our Teacher 

Mrs Mindy Little

Our Teaching Assistants 

Mrs Teresa Owen (Senior Nursery Lead)
Mrs Kelly Bailey (Senior Nursery Lead)
Mrs Emma Goulding (Early Years Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Nasima Chowdhury (Early Years Teaching Assistant)
Ms Leah Hammond (Early Years Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Rachel Robbins (Early Years Teaching Assistant)
Miss Natalie Painter (Early Years Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Julie Brimble (Early Years Teaching Assistant)
Mrs Anne-Marie Bartels (Play Worker)

What We’re Learning

Term 5

Signs of Spring

Term 6

Fishy Friends

Term 3

Gingerbread Men

Term 4

Healthy Eating

Term 1

Leaf People

Term 2

Whatever Next?

Moving into Reception

Whether your child is joining our Reception class, or going to another school, here is some useful information about how you can help your child move up from Nursery into their Reception year.


Here are some of our favourite pictures from the last term or two. Can you spot yourself or your friends?

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